Polka Dots & Easter 2017

I’m seeing polka dots everywhere.  I decided to make what I think is the simplest of shells using Burda young 6540 in Bear Threads’ Swiss navy and white polka dot fabric.  (This shell can be made in an hour or so!  Although,  I took my time with french seams and all!)  When Rachel and I noticed we had both put our polka dots on the other day, we had to have a picture.  A mother/daughter moment!

momrachel3 (2)

Bear Threads’ Swiss fabrics are among my favorites.  The skirt I’m wearing is also Bear Threads Swiss wide-wale pique.  It’s a tailor-made straight skirt I made last year before my oldest daughter graduated from high school using my own draft, and I wore it to her graduation ceremony with a purchased blouse.  I have worn it comfortably since.  Both are very comfortable.

As for Easter 2017, I didn’t take a single picture.  But, instead, I enjoyed the day.  The time got away from picture-taking moments.  Hannah, my oldest daughter, was home from college.  We had a lovely time with her home!  We were involved in an Easter cantata, and some were working in the nursery.  Afterwards, we created a ‘paella’, a Spanish meal with saffron rice, chicken, shrimp and chorizo and peas scattered all around; all of which broke tradition for our family, but was a lot of fun.  Even later, we biked or roller bladed to the chocolate shoppe (a true Perry family Sunday tradition).

We didn’t stress about what to wear for Easter; though the inspiration to create something to wear never fails.  Lydia, Madeline and Rachel each had a dress they had started some time ago, but abandoned due to school and extracurricular demands on their time.  The sweetest thing was that each of the girls *wanted* to pull out their projects, and they worked hard to finish them.  Hannah had come home from college a few days before and graciously lent her help to Madeline, while she did not have a new dress to finish and wear.  She wore a dress from a year ago.  I enjoyed helping Rachel with her dress, and since this one wasn’t a 4-H project with any rule about a mom’s help, I worked to finish hers while she was busy at a track practice!  Ah… it brought back memories of when I did sew for my daughters…

I love my kids.

unnamed (9)


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