Concert Skirts

I think one of my favorite things to create is attire for concerts.  We’ve had some fun times lately, and I feel I should catch up on my sharing.  First, about the concert.  Then I’ll get to Easter 2017.


Recently, four of my kids had the opportunity to sing with the Deo Cantamus adult’s choir and the choir of the University of Northwestern in St. Paul, Minnesota.  My three daughters needed a new concert-style skirt.

We found that Ginny at Ginny’s Fine Fabrics carries lovely fabric for this need.  Each of my three daughters found a fabric suited to their taste and personality.  Rachel, who is 12, chose a woven black fabric and a netting with black polka-dots all around.  She created an a-line, knee-length skirt.  Lydia, 17, created a skirt with the same woven fabric, but made one with tucks at the waist line.  Madeline, 15, chose a Moda knit and made a long maxi skirt.

As is the standard in children’s choirs, the black skirts were paired with the choir’s logo t-shirt of the chosen blue color.

The concert was beautiful.  I enjoyed the music.  But I also enjoyed watching as my daughters walked with the rest of the choir to the stage and back again, knowing the work that they each did for themselves and remembering the times we had.   It was a good time together.


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