Tweed and bindings

My opportunities to sew seem fewer and farther between lately, thus my low frequency in posting here.  To be fair to myself, though, I have knocked off a few UFOs lately.  Clearing the decks and making way for greater things.

Last week, I finished a tailored skirt for myself (which wasn’t a UFO at all, but something I wanted to do.)  The best part of this skirt is that it fits me.  I drafted my own pattern and have tried and trued it.  Now it is ‘simples’ to make a skirt for myself.  It is a simple straight, tailored skirt with a kick pleat, which  gives ease for the stride.  It is made of a tweed fabric found at Ginny’s Fine Fabric, and it is lined with Bemberg lining. It is very comfortable. I wore it this weekend with a cream colored sweater, brown boots and a matching scarf.

Also this week, I re-bound an old quilt.  Quilting has not been my hobby for some time.  I prefer creating clothing.  But, this quilt is like an old friend.  I made it in about 2002 when my third daughter was a baby.  A friend in Colorado gave a few sewing lessons to me.  She was an avid quilter, and she showed me a technique for creating the pinwheels on this quilt.  The quilt decorated my husband’s and my bed, a wooden sleigh bed, for about 10 years.  It used to have white panels on all sides and a border with small triangle blocks, making it a king-size quilt, but the embossed fabric gave way.  I decided to remove the panels and re-bind it, saving it as a keepsake.  Since my husband needed to work for a day in Shakopee, he agreed to stop by the Eagle Creek Quilt Shop, and purchase a navy quilt weight fabric for my task.  I still love the pattern.  I wish the fabric had lasted longer, like the quilts of old.

My apologies for writing so little.  2016 was a year of transition for my family.  My oldest daughter is off to college.  She is doing very well, and we are so proud of her.  She hopes to become a pediatric nurse.

Also in 2016, I quietly ended my small business.  It has been a delightful experience providing smocking and heirloom sewing supplies to many wonderful people for ten years, but I am needed in many more ways with my family now.  I plan to continue sewing and encouraging others who are keeping the art of sewing alive.  I thought I would share my list of my favorite suppliers:

Ginny’s Fine Fabric

Acorn Fabric

Huddersfield Cloth

John Hanna Ltd.

Creative Smocking

Farmhouse Fabrics

Chadwick Heirlooms

Delicate Stitches

Creations by Michie

Collars Etc.


For quilters:

Eagle Creek Quilts

Wholesale Only:

Bear Threads Ltd.

B. Black & Sons






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