Emma’s ‘Sheer Delight’

“I was so inspired when my 2005 issue #70 of the Australian Smocking and Embroidery came, and I saw the ‘Sheer Delight’ outfit by Janet Anderson in it,” said Cyndy Pond of Hastings, Minnesota.  “Unfortunately, I had no one to make it for at the time as my granddaughter, Emma Rose, wasn’t born until 2008. After she was born, I knew I had to wait a few years until she was old (big) enough to wear it, but it was always at the back of my mind that I would one day make it for her.”


“Then last year, SAGA announced the competition categories for its national convention. I was planning on attending the Chicago convention, and when “White” was chosen as the theme, I decided the time had come to make ‘Sheer Delight’.


“I went about gathering the materials needed. The original pattern called for white cotton netting, but I really couldn’t justify spending $35- $40 per yard for a child’s garment (the top alone required about three yards). I ended up using an organic cotton batiste that I ordered from an online source. It was wonderful to work with, and I was very pleased with the results.


“There were a lot of embroidered flowers on it, and this was my first time making cast-on flowers. I had always balked at making them, because I thought they looked complicated. But after making my first flower, I wondered why I had waited so long to try them. They were a lot easier than bullions, and they are so delicate and pretty.


“Even though I didn’t win, I was very pleased with the end result…and so was Emma Rose!”

Thank you, Cyndy, for allowing me to share Emma’s outfit.  It is very beautiful.  It will be a treasured memory for Emma Rose.




One thought on “Emma’s ‘Sheer Delight’

  1. Cyndy has an amazing talent for everything she does. She is truly gifted. Her granddaughter is one lucky little girl.

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