In Honor of a Precious Little One

February 2, 2016 003

In the quiet after the holidays, I finished a bereavement gown in honor of a little one who died too early.  She was named Pearl by her parents.  I am looking forward to mailing it to my brother and his wife in Michigan, but I thought I would share it first.  It is heart wrenching to lose a child.  I am hoping this little garment will carry with it much sympathy.  I’ve had a few opportunities lately to share English Smocking with interested friends, and I hope to share this gown before sending it through the mail to Michigan.  Hopefully, my brother doesn’t read my blog. 🙂

For the gown, I used Acorn Fabric’s English voile.   It is a 2-ply, 100 percent cotton, made in England.  I am very pleased with it.  It is difficult to show via a picture.  The voile is lovely.  It is fitting for an angel.

I wrote some time ago about how well the voile pleats, and how nicely the fabric cooperates.  It was a pleasure to work with.  Along with the English voile, I paired an ecru French lace.  For the English Smocking, I used Madeira silk floss, made in Germany.

For those not familiar with the Wee Care ministry, the Smocking Arts Guild tells the story on their Website.









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