The first hint of Snow


For my friends around the world who do not live in the Upper Midwest, here is our first bit of snow for 2015.  The kids were so excited last night when we exited a choir concert to falling snow flakes.  I wish I could have captured their excitement.  This evening, four-year-old Ben asked for a bowl so that he could fill it with snow and sprinkle it with homemade caramel sauce made by his older sister, Lydia.

Rachel and I had a mother/daughter morning out, attending the meeting of the Lakes & Prairies Smockers, a chapter of the Smocking Arts Guild of America.  I sometimes question why I drive 1 hour and 25 minutes to attend, but every time I am reminded of the reason.  I am encouraged and inspired by the beautiful garments created by the talented ladies in this chapter.  Our chapter president also taught a lesson on ‘slidders’ (the original name for the zip) and taught how to hand-pick a zipper.

The drive to Richfield was enjoyable.  I was thankful for clear roads (back to the topic of snow).  The snow fell in Rochester, but not farther north in Richfield.

Finally, I am excited to announce, I will carry the new magazine, Classic Sewing.  Contact me for details,




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