A bit of fall in Minnesota, and a little vest

We’ve had a beautiful fall in Minnesota.  The fall colors have been spectacular.  We’ve grabbed opportunities to enjoy it between extracurricular activities and new college level responsibilities.


DSC_0004 (1) DSC_0040 DSC_0168

I recently finished a vest for my son, Sam, a just-in-time delivery as the temperature in Minnesota cools. The pattern was created by ‘Mansie Wauch’, a friend who is a retired cutter in Liverpool. The wool is an Italian boiled wool found at Ginny’s Fine Fabric in Rochester.  I am learning firsthand  that tailoring is an art that requires much study and practice. It takes time and patience.  My work is not perfect.  I learned there is a lighthearted term in the tailoring trade for hand-made buttonholes that need more fullness in the number of stitches, that is “smashed beetles”.  To the naked eye, though, my buttonholes are just fine for an eight-year-old boy’s vest.  Even so, I continue to learn.  I’m thankful for the opportunity.



Sam  is   Sam2


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