Mucros News Boys Hat

This morning my family was anxious for me to open a birthday present that just arrived in the mail. (My birthday is not until November 13.) My husband bought for me a Mucros Weaver’s tweed newsboys hat. It’s charcoal wool tweed with a bit of red. Inside, it’s lined and has a little tag that says, “Mucros Weavers, Muckross House, Killarney, Ireland. I LOVE it! It is very comfortable, fitting down over my ears. It will be ideal for outside activities in Minnesota…as our temperature is dropping, it’s raining now and then, and we all know what’s next: SNOW.

I did a quick Google search, and found Mucros Weaver’s Face book page, and this video. I’ll let their models show off my hat……and I love seeing inside their weaver’s site.

I’ll be wearing it this evening when my kids visit our neighbor’s homes while ‘trick or treating’. I will keep warm…  I might just wear it all day.

Happy Halloween, stay safe, stay warm.




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