Chevrons and Bows

My daughter, Rachel, age 10, created a “Chevrons and Bows” Maxi skirt and top for the 4-H Clothing and Textiles “Clothes You Make” project and participated in the Fashion Revue yesterday evening at the Kasson Methodist Church.


Her inspiration started with a length of chevron bamboo knit found during a shopping trip at Ginny’s Fine Fabric with her three older sisters.  Using the Children’s Corner “Ainsley” pattern, she altered the A-line skirt, lengthening it to the floor.  For the top, she started with measurements suggested for a pillowcase top, found online.  She used Swiss lined pique because she liked the surface texture and the coverage.  She created a neckline casing for the ribbons in English voile from Acorn Fabrics.  All her inside seams are nicely finished with French seams.


She found the turquoise and white ribbons at the Kasson Variety Store locally and matching flip flops at Target.

She learned a few things during her three-day sewing project:

–how to cut bias strips and finish the arm scye with a binding

–how to create a casing

–how to create a French seam

–how to sew bamboo knit without ripples

–how to hem bamboo knit using seam tape


Earlier in the day, Rachel met with 4-H judges to present her garment for their review of her construction quality.  The judges ask each participant several questions about their garment and the techniques involved, and they give suggestions on how to improve their sewing skill.  In the evening, the participants present their garment to an audience during the Fashion Revue.  Rachel received a blue ribbon for her project.  The green ribbon is received by each participant.


I enjoyed seeing all the garments sewn by the kids of all ages.  There were many very well done outfits this year.  Likely, there will be a photo in the Dodge County Independent in the coming weeks.

A few young guys in Dodge County also had a little fun with the Fashion Revue by entering the “Clothes You Buy” category.  As is fitting in rural Minnesota, they purchased hunting gear and presented their wares, just like any other candidate.

June 25 2015 042

Tim, on the right, resembles a bush.  Mason, on the left, resembles cloth brush.  Both are definitely well camoflouged.  In their honor, the theme of the event was developed:  “On the Hunt for Fashion.”  I learned this gear is suitable for hunting critters other than the White Tail Deer.  Mason explained that their gear would be pointless for deer hunting, because the hunter has to have approximately 1/3 of their bodies covered in Orange.  Tim said when the judge asked him “with what attitude should you participate in an event like this?,” he responded, “You should participate with confidence and an attitude that you don’t care what other people think.”  Mason commented on his makeup, noting that “makeup like this doesn’t just happen.”  (His makeup being of the camo type, of course.)  It’s clear that everyone had a good time.





3 thoughts on “Chevrons and Bows

  1. A note from Janice Ferguson, of

    Rachel did such a great job! And she learned so much while making this lovely outfit. This girl could be a winner on Project Runway. And she is just beautiful.

    My response:
    Thank you for your comments on Rachel’s outfit. Had she had more than three days, I would have encouraged her to create more than a pillowcase top, but we remembered something similar in Sew Beautiful a few years ago, so we went for it. The 4-H judge gave her a “Yes!” on age appropriate. I was also
    thrilled with her ability this year. It is fun to see her skills grow, and her inward initiative. I’m sure you experience the same with your granddaughter! If we ever get the chance, I would love for them to meet.

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