Rachel’s Smocked Top and Skirt Remake

Prior to the hand bells finale this Spring, Rachel’s black silk smocked dress needed an alteration.  There had been an accident.  My mom always said, “Accidents do happen…”  And, an accident did happen to Rachel’s special black silk smocked dress.  There were tears.  She didn’t mean to.  Rachel had put her dress on to show a friend, then zipped outside and hopped on her brother’s little bike…  Seconds later, she tore into the house with tears…..  She had mangled the skirt of her dress with the wheels of the tricycle.  All in a few seconds.


One Spring day, I spent a little time (5 hours) changing it into a smocked top and A-line skirt.  Thankfully the damage to the skirt was low enough that I was able to remove it without difficulty.  I purchased a new yard of silk charmeuse from Ginny’s Fine Fabric to create a new A-line skirt.  I removed the lace from the hem of the dress and added it to the new hem of the smocked top.  I purchased a different narrow lace,  and added it to the hem of the skirt.

Problem solved.


Tears changed to smiles.  And the hand bell ringers play on.


2 thoughts on “Rachel’s Smocked Top and Skirt Remake

  1. What a creative, fabulous save this is! The outfit is gorgeous and so is Rachel. It’s not just a remake, it’s a new outfit. Great job!

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