Labors of Love

I hope everyone continues to enjoy the Christmas Season.  We have a little snow still here, even though much of it melted yesterday.   The slightly warmer weather is welcome in Minnesota.

It’s unusual for our family to celebrate Christmas at home.  On a normal year, we would be in Illinois, Indiana or Michigan, visiting family.

I thought my friends who love the needle arts would appreciate this picture.  I was inundated with labors of love yesterday.  I love my kids; love my husband; love my family.

December 25 2014 2 018

Lydia created the winter headband, Rachel created the frilly scarf, Madeline created the “infinity” cowl, and Hannah made one of two gloves.  I loved the fact that she wrapped her work in progress due to time constraints.

Hannah also made a pair of wool gloves for her dad.  He loves how they fit!


Warm Seasons Greetings to All.






6 thoughts on “Labors of Love

  1. I love this post! It just thrills me to see all the needlework your girls do. Gloves are hard!!!! All the time you have spent teaching them certainly has paid off. And their gifts are so lovingly made and thoughtful! Happy new year, Connie.

  2. Thank you, Janice. Praise God. I am thankful for their initiative in these things. The best part for me is that they really enjoy what they decide to do, and there is always more to learn. Hannah did finish my gloves, and I have been enjoying them. They are very warm, and I definitely appreciated them last week when we had temperatures hovering around 0 F. We have a knitting club going now, on most Friday evenings, with a few of the girls’ friends who wanted my daughters to teach them to knit. They are having a good time with it! My job is to provide good yarn! Happy New Year to you, too!

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