Happy Thanksgiving

Count yourself blessed every day and you will find yourself living in a world of blessings……
Ps 150:6
Every breathing thing, let it praise God.
My new mother-in-law sends out a daily email with encouraging notes.  The above is from her daily email today.  I decided to pass it on this Thanksgiving Day.
My family has been preparing the Thanksgiving Day meal.  We are hosting another family today.  I am so blessed.  My girls love to help with the meal preparations and welcome friends into our home.  Myself, I have been over-dosing on Ricola cough drops, made in Switzerland.  I also have my own albuterol inhaler, after visiting my doctor yesterday.  I learned that Whooping Cough is going around two of the local communities, amongst other things.  I am counting my blessings.  I do not have pneumonia or Whooping Cough, just a bad cold.
This week, I had the privilege to see something created with the Baird McNutt Irish linen that I imported from Ballymena, Ireland.  “Hearthie” made a lovely nightgown for her mother’s Christmas gift.  It is pretty.
Here is the link:
I also enjoyed a note from Heathie as well in which she said:
“My mom enjoys good linen – she’s forever telling me about the Irish linen dress she wore on a plane trip from LA to Greece, with no chance to change it – and no creases.   (!)”It is customary to think about the things for which you are thankful on this holiday.  Today, I’m enjoying thinking about good friendships, and how much they are a blessing.I hope you are having a Happy Thanksgiving, too. 


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