Concert Attire for “Harmonies”

I had a great time attending the RAACHE “Harmonies” concert in Rochester, Minnesota, Thursday and Friday evening this week.  Of course, I’ve had the priviledge of listening to their songs for several weeks now, in the car while driving home from weekly practice sessions.  But, it was lovely to see it all come together into a wonderful concert.

The concert dress code is a white blouse with a black concert-style skirt in the younger choirs, and a black dress for the oldest choir.


Earlier in the fall, Lydia (at left) decided to crochet a lace overlay to go over a knit blouse.  She crocheted the pieces and then hand sewed them together.

Madeline (at right) took a little longer to decide her “style”.  She chose a white knit fabric at Ginny’s in Rochester.

This event was a perfect opportunity to make a smocked blouse for Rachel using the “Ainsley” blouse pattern from Children’s Corner.  The fabric is Baird McNutt “Foyle” white Irish linen.  Since Rachel also plays the hand bells, it was important that nothing on the front of the blouse interfere with her playing, ie. no beads or buttons that might cause any extra sound.  The smocking is a simple honeycomb stitch.


There are pearl buttons along the back.


It was a good time!


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