Blooming Flax

Earlier this week, I looked out across our back yard and noticed something greyish-blue above the flax. Could it be?


Yes. It bloomed!

July 1 2014 005

It’s a pretty sight! We’re really not sure how many days the flowers will stay. This is our science project, after all, so we’re counting the days and enjoying it while it lasts.

July 1 2014 003

It’s a small patch; just about five feet by ten feet, growing next to potatoes and a row of onions. Something we enjoy is the way that the flax “takes over” an area. I read that it was the women and children who had the task of weeding the flax in earlier times; however, there hasn’t been much weeding required in this part of our garden. The flax is just sweet to see.

July 1 2014 004

Flax is the fiber used to create beautiful linen fabric. It’s a wonderful fiber that has a cooling effect as it absorbs more water than cotton. It feels smooth and cool in a skirt like this.

June 2014 030

(woven by Baird McNutt Irish Linen)

Happy Independence Day!


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