Smocked Infant Clothing

A while back, I shared a little about the Picture Smocking class that Cyndy Pond taught for the Lakes & Prairies Smockers, a chapter of the Smocking Arts Guild of America. This class was a weekend retreat held at the Textile Center in Minneapolis. Cyndy held a very well-organized class with notes containing tips and techniques for this art.

Recently, she shared the pictures of the garments that she showed the class attendees as examples of the uses for picture smocking. She gave permission for me to share them here as well. She said all of these garments were “Wee Care” clothing, and donated to the neonatal care unit at Fairview/Southdale hospital.










9 thoughts on “Smocked Infant Clothing

  1. Thank you, Jennifer. Cyndy says, “The pattern is “Michaela” and is from Primrose Lane. I have the 18″ doll pattern, but I believe it also comes in an infant size. The pattern is actually a bubble suit. I added a snap section to the crotch for the boy’s outfit. I altered the bubble pattern to make it a dress pattern for the girl’s outfit. I ordered the pattern online from Primrose Lane. The pattern comes with a geometric smocking plate for the insert, but I perused my own smocking plates plus Sew Beautiful, Creative Needle, and Australian Smocking magazines for picture smocking plates that required no more than 22 to 24 pleats so it would fit the insert. It was fun mixing and matching fabrics, piping and plates.”

  2. Thank you, I have looked but not purchased any Primrose patterns. I love what I see, but have no babies to sew for. May have to pick up anyway, and make a few for baby figment. I love your sense of design. Thanks again for sharing, there aren’t many ladies around to share my love of smocking with so I love seeing things on line. I did notice she said Wee Care, and if they are used for infant loss, what a small bit of comfort it must bring to those families. It’s nice to be able to share something we love with others.

  3. Thanks again, Jennifer, for your comments. Yes. I think you will love Primrose Lane patterns. I’m with you in not currently having any little ones to sew smocked clothing for at this time. I agree with you that these things are a labor of love shared with others, and it is a comfort to those who lose an infant to receive a Wee Care gown. Have you looked at the Smocking Arts Guild of America website ( to see whether you are close to any chapter meeting locations? I’m located in Minnesota, and it is always my pleasure to see what the ladies create with their hands. There is precious talent there! My best to you.

  4. I loved to be a part of Smocking Arts Guild, but there are no chapters in may neck of the woods. Way over here in Idaho. Still might do some online classes and dream of someday going to a conference. Keep sharing, Thanks for your input, and encouragement.

  5. Yes, that’s a great idea, Cyndy. The Websmockers is a great way to connect if you do not have a local chapter. I enjoyed the Websmockers when there was no Lakes & Prairies Smockers in Minnesota. I remember some of the members telling that they were members of *both* the Websmockers and a local chapter. Otherwise, you might like to know it takes just three people (SAGA members) to start a chapter in your area.

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