Happy Mother’s Day

We’re just thankful to have running water this morning, and grateful for the repair guys who worked to get the necessary parts and make the repair today, on Mother’s Day. Water is taken for granted, until the pump is not working.

My family makes every day a special day for me. But, some fun today; my kids were given a why-I-love-my-mom paper at church this morning that asked questions about me. Things like, what’s her favorite color, favorite food, why is she special to me. I had to laugh at the answer to favorite food: Kale. Then my husband stopped by Erdmann’s grocery and bought Kale to include with our pizza lunch. The completed paper was given to me with a tube of Mary Kay hand lotion. The lady who taught today is a Mary Kay distributor and our friend, Marsha Arsvold. (I love it!) I went home with three tubes! I loved reading their completed papers. Our pastor spoke on honoring your mother and father; that it’s the first commandment that contains a blessing that one’s life will go well. One comment he made that sticks with me is, “where the family goes, so goes a nation.”

I also enjoyed this Mother’s Day piece in the Post-Bulletin paper from Rochester, Minnesota.

This week my son, Ben, was given a tricycle. We were shopping for a bike for Sam at Honest Bike Shop in Rochester, and the salesman offered a used Giant brand bike to Ben. Someone had dropped it by the bike shop, and they just didn’t want to deal with it. It’s been a lot of fun watching Ben learn how to maneuver his new bike. It took a little while, with a few moments of frustration… “it won’t go.” But, he’s on his way now.

5714 002

5714 010

5714 019

Wishing all mothers, grandmothers, and future mothers a happy day!


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