A Few Weekend Thoughts

It was a great day today; a nice Saturday drive to the Cities, with six young ladies–four daughters and two friends, to attend the Smocking meeting with very talented ladies from the Lakes & Prairies Chapter of the Smocking Arts Guild of America.  We saw lovely needlework; a few very sweet dresses, a few started projects, and then several more lovely garments in Lynn’s private collection.  I was glad my girls and their two friends attended.  What a great opportunity for them!  They were impressed and glad they went along.  I might have some pictures to share soon.  During the drive, they played “Pictionary Pass It” and “The Letter Game.”

Lately, I’ve enjoyed Anne Murphy’s column in the Post-Bulletin.  I liked this week’s Judith Anderson Your Style interview.

Another site I’ve enjoyed over that past year or so is the Cutter and Tailor Forum.  I’ve wanted to write more fully on bespoke tailoring and my growing interest in what is a beautiful art.  It’s something I’m hoping to learn more about.  You would need to set up an ID to explore, but I think it’s worth your time.  I’ve been a mostly quiet mouse in the corner.  There are several interesting threads explaining bespoke tailoring and cutting.  I’ve been quietly trying my hand at pattern drafting.  One day I might share on that.

One tailor I’m following as she creates a dress for her daughter is A Tailor Made It.  Not that I’m interested in prom dresses at the moment myself, but I’ll enjoy following her work and her thoughts on the project.

Otherwise, the grass is turning green here.  It’s still a bit chilly, but it’s a beautiful time of year.


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