Let the Children Praise 2014

My daughters enjoy singing with a group called, “Let the Children Praise,” out of Plymouth, Minnesota.  Children travel from all around the state and Wisconsin to participate with this choir.  My girls look forward to it every year.  The Deo Cantamus organization just posted a few clips of the January performance to www.Youtube/Deocantamus.   I thought you might enjoy it.

In the above clip, my daughter, Lydia, is the soloist (a first honor for our family this year–two soloists, Lydia and Madeline.  It was also the first year that all four of my daughters were of age and participated in the choir.).  My four daughters are located as follows:

Hannah is in the back row, second from the left side of the choir.

Lydia is in the second row third from the left (and the soloist this year!).

Madeline is in the first row, second from the right.

Rachel is in the second row, the first child at the left of the choir.

The fun sewing-related thing is that Lydia also made her black skirt a few days prior.  We sent Bert (my husband) by Ginny’s Fine Fabric in Rochester for an appropriate wool for the occasion; Ginny set him up with a nice Italian wool, the zip and a nice button.


Here are two other favorites of mine:

Al Sholsha D’Varim” by Allan E. Naplan

“Sing To the Lord God” arranged by Michael Burkhardt  


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