Picture Smocking Homework #2

A few weeks back, we took a road trip to rural Minnesota to look at a new spaniel puppy.  During the drive, I finished up my homework following the picture smocking class given by Cyndy Pond.

April 23, 2014 033

I’m also learning about a new camera that my husband purchased recently.  My daughter, Lydia, is giving me lessons.

I think I missed a row, because I ended up with extra space under the heart.  Maybe I lost my concentration while in conversation with my husband during the drive.  I also had to fill in a little on the right side.  It’s a little like painting, and I still like my heart.

I decided to add a stitch that I learned from the SAGA correspondence course I took with Nancy Malitz on “Advanced Smocking Stitches”, which are stitches that are not necessarily more difficult, but they are “less published”.  The blue row is called the Cretan stitch, “an embroidery stitch named for the island of Crete where beautiful skirts are embroidered with variations of this stitch.”

This Saturday is the Lakes & Prairies Chapter (of the Smocking Arts Guild of America) annual “show and tell” meeting.  It’ll be a “girls’ day out” here.  My four girls & a friend are planning to go with to Richfield, a suburb of Minneapolis.  It’s a great chance to see some beautiful needle work.




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