An English Silk Hank

I’m pretty excited about the yellow silk handkerchief that my husband might wear tomorrow.  It’s one that was unfinished and needed a hand-rolled hem along its edges.  It took about two hours to work the edges of this handkerchief yesterday afternoon.


Ultimately, my husband will decide what he wears tomorrow for Easter Sunday, but I was playing around with his available suits and ties.  The tie here is one we bought him a few years ago for Easter Sunday, and the suit he purchased in Owatonna when he was preparing for an important job interview.

The significance of the handkerchief is that it’s stamped “Turnbull and Asser“.  A friend sent it to us, suggesting that we might like to learn to hand-roll a silk hank, a technique that is seen rarely since fewer people are willing to do this kind of work.  He said it’s seen on the edges of ties and on silk hanks, but is rather expensive due to the labor involved.  I’m thrilled to give this finished hank to my husband, and thankful for the friend who shared this with us.

We found clear instructions for the hand-rolled hem in Claire Shaeffer’s Couture Sewing book.  Ginny at Ginny’s Fine Fabrics confirmed today that that is the technique she recommends.  It takes some time and practice, but it is a beautiful roll…  The made-in-England silk is lovely.


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