Spring Time, Gorgeous Bread, A Hooded Cape, and a Sweet Little Dress

I shared a little yesterday about the grand arrival of Spring in Minnesota.  Here are a few more pictures today, watching the melt off.  Everyone is excited to be outside.  The stroller is no longer snowed in!


I had to laugh at how excited Ben was just to touch the ground.


This is our back yard.  We need a boat!


This weekend I missed the “Picture Smocking” class with Cyndy Pond at the Textile Center in Minneapolis.  I have done the “back smocking” homework, and I plan to work through the class notes prior to the late-April meeting.  I’m looking forward to comparing my work along with those who were in attendance.  The great thing about being part of the smocking arts guild local chapter is that you can ask all your questions at a later date, and the support is always there.  I hope the rest of the ladies all had a great time.

I suppose the benefit of being at home instead was that my husband made a batch of absolutely beautiful bread, and I didn’t miss it.

0330141457 0330141501 0330141504

Recently, I spotted a few things online that I greatly enjoyed.  One is this post by a Saville Row tailor, Davide Taub, who created a bespoke child’s hooded boat cape in a mid-night navy blue cashmere.  Wow.

I also had a smile when I saw two things on the Janice Ferguson Sews blog.  First, I love this pillow.


And this little dress is entirely sweet.  (Both pictures reposted from Janice Ferguson’s blog.)


I can only dream of Minnesota looking like this in March.  Good for you, Janice, on skipping out on sewing for a while!



4 thoughts on “Spring Time, Gorgeous Bread, A Hooded Cape, and a Sweet Little Dress

  1. Connie, missing that smocking class seems like a small price to pay for being there when that bread came out of the oven! Spring is sprung, bread is baked and it seems that life is good in Minnesota. Hurrah!

  2. Thank you, Janice. Yes, we’re all doing fine, minus a couple of mishaps (ER visits) for Sam. Overall, it could be worse, and we’re all well. Today we have 6-8 inches of snow. It’s beautiful. More of a Coloradan snow than a Minnesota snow, though. It may be gone by tomorrow. Hope you’re doing well.

  3. Thanks, Lizzie. Yes….between his bread and grilled home-made pizza with fresh tomato and cilantro yesterday……. my mouth waters too. It’s Spring again here…. the sun might even come out. The birds are all singing.

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