Singing in the Spring

This is a little side step from the needle arts (again).  This evening (7:00 p.m. Central Standard Time), the Deo Cantamus “Let the Children Praise” concert will be “live streamed” from this link.  My girls will sing with this choir.

I invite you to watch and enjoy.

We’re really enjoying seeing Spring and warmer weather (46 degrees F–or 7.78 degrees C!) return to Minnesota.  The robins joined us last week.  All of a sudden, there were several robins dancing happily on the one piece of bare ground in our back yard one day this week.

Ben was also dancing on the hill…. so glad to see warmer weather come and be outside.  Zero degrees F was just too cold this year.


We’re watching as the ice and snow melt.  Ben heads outside every day to see whether it’s warm enough to enjoy.

0321141337a  0321141339

Even out Springer Spaniel, “Spurgeon”, seems thankful for a little warmth.


The progress is a little more than my pictures show.  Ben’s “springy horse” is now free from the ice.  We’ve actually moved it to a spot on the porch.  Yes, those are “unshod” feet on Ben.  He was so excited to ‘be outside’, he’s been running across the cement porch to get on his horse, sometimes without shoes!

Happy Spring.


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