Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

Since today is St. Patrick’s Day, I thought I’d take time to share a few things Irish. We’ve been knitting up a few things in Aran yarn, and with that, we’re testing it out. It’s a wonderful yarn. Hannah knitted a pair of mittens for Sam in the color green fleck. I’ve enjoyed seeing how they look after Sam plays outside in the snow. I love the way real wool felts just a little through wear and tear.

March 2014 004

Lydia created a cool head band with two colors of Aran yarn. Purple fleck and blue. She found this pattern through Ravelry.com. It was created by a young home school friend.


Hannah and Lydia have also been working to learn the skill of crochet. Lydia worked this shawl out of blue and purple fleck Aran yarn.


We’ve enjoyed learning more about the Irish people this year and their history. I love St. Patrick’s story, and his confession is well worth reading. Here is St. Patrick’s Confession.

We’ll remember St. Patrick today by attending a special tea, wearing the color green and participating in a “green” cookie exchange.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.


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