Snow Days & Bluebirds

Here I am again, writing about the weather. It’s a beautiful time of the year in Minnesota. We had a little snow storm yesterday. After the storm settled down, my kids thought it was a great time to build their own igloo.


Ben was a little concerned about his horse.


We were grateful for two of our wonderful neighbors, who decided to use their snowblowing–power–tools to clear our driveway for us.

It’s a perfect time to stay inside and enjoy the needle arts. My daughter, Rachel, started her own Easter dress last week. I’m enjoying her enthusiasm, and doing my best to keep up with her. She is counting the days to April 20.

Cyndy, a member of the Lakes & Prairies Smockers chapter of the Smocking Arts Guild of America, pointed us to Spring with a lesson on Picture Smocking that included a cheery bluebird and a pretty heart. On Saturday, she lead a very well-organized lesson on back smocking, preparing the pleated piece for picture smocking. Picture smocking is very much like painting with thread. The chapter is planning a Spring weekend session in late-March at the Textile Center in Minneapolis.

Heart and Bluebird – smocked

We know many people have been struggling with the winter weather this year. We hope you stay warm and safe.


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