Caps for Dad

This year at Christmas I decided to get my husband an Irish Flat Cap.


Maybe it’s the distinguished look. Or maybe it’s a relaxed air about it. I love the tweed, with it’s beautiful texture. I love the look on him.

In the end, I bought two hats. The first is hand-tailored in Ireland by “Hats of Ireland,” and second is the “Shannon” cap also tailored in Ireland.


Bert said the first cap fits more snugly and is more comfortable, but he seems to like them both.

You can easily purchase them through Amazon, but I found a better price, free shipping, and a guarantee that it was made in Ireland at Celtic Clothing. I was very happy with the customer service at Celtic Clothing.

Celtic Clothing also sells food products from Ireland, and we loved their Graces Irish Shortbread and Flahavan’s Porridge. Somehow calling it Porridge caused the kids to enjoy it more than regular oatmeal. Whatever it takes! The cookies were gone in no time.


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