Simple Elegance

We had a great time this weekend attending the Deo Cantamus “Let the Children Praise” performance in Plymouth, Minnesota. Quite honestly, I was just glad my husband was driving, because the roads were snowy and slippery, and it was nearly a two-hour drive. This activity has become a favorite tradition for our family. We make a big deal of it and stay at a local hotel, where we can relax and swim in a very warm pool.

It was the first year that all four of my girls “qualified” to participate, and it was the first year that two of my girls were selected as a soloist! (I’m a proud mom!!) I’m also proud of what happens behind the scenes. This year Lydia made herself the black skirt that she needed. My husband stopped by Ginny’s Fine Fabric a few weeks ago to pick up “something black” for her project. I knew that between Ginny and my husband, we’d have something “good” and appropriate for the occasion. Bert bought a lightweight black Italian wool. Lydia made a lovely skirt cut on the bias with a wide waist band. It is beautiful.

I was also able to create a slightly gathered skirt for Rachel. The Italian wool was delightful to work with, and it looked elegant on Rachel. This time I used the information found in Aldrich’s “Metric Pattern Cutting” books.

This weekend I enjoyed reading this column in the Fashion section of our local Rochester paper. I relate to Mitzi Baker on having an appreciation for the hand crafted and well-made, and liking things that are simple and elegant. Thought I’d pass this one along.


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