Lydia’s Wool Gloves

You may have picked up on the fact that we’ve been working with Irish Aran-quality yarn this year that is spun at the Kerry Woollen Mills. Last week, Lydia decided to make herself a pair of fingerless wool gloves. They are very warm, and we love the pretty purple color of the yarn. The Irish like to say they use colors that are inspired by their beautiful country-side. We would agree with that.


The girls have also tested this yarn with mittens and a few sweaters. What we notice is the natural “heat” that real wool produces while you wear it, even though a little breeze passes through the knitted stitches. It also softens with wear.

december 10 2013 003

I recently learned that this yarn is certified organic, which as I understand means that the Australian Jacob sheep which produce it are allowed to roam on an open pasture with green grass, they are not “dipped” with chemicals, and there are no chemicals given to them in their feed, etc. That warms our hearts.


3 thoughts on “Lydia’s Wool Gloves

  1. Thank you, Janice. Yes, and we’ve definitely needed the warmth here. Today we’re getting a high of zero, they say. But the sun shines, and it’s beautiful here with the white snow. I have enjoyed watching my girls try things and succeed. They have been picking up on the encouragement found through lately. Did you know there are 3 million knitters/crocheters who participate there, worldwide? I’ve also loved seeing the Aran yarn worked up in crochet stitches by Lydia. It is very pretty. My pictures do not do it justice. We’re still talking about getting a knitting club going here, but need to etch some time in our schedule.

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