New Year’s Greetings

I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season, spending time with friends and family. My family enjoyed visiting our relatives in Indiana and Michigan. We did postpone our travel for two days, due to a severe winter storm in the Midwest. By the time we hit the road, the ice and snow was cleaned up. One of my favorite states to drive through is Wisconsin. It’s just a beautiful place with rolling hills and lots of trees. Michigan, on the other side of the Great Lake Michigan, was equally beautiful. However, this year it was covered with ice, and many rural folks were struggling with the issues of the power outages. My father, thankfully, was well-prepared with a generator in his back yard, so he and my mother were doing just fine. My father said his hometown even made national news.

Now we’re glad to be back home in Minnesota. The winter is lovely here. My back yard is filled with tracks from cross country skis and snow boots, all made of course by my kids. We’ve been busy putting things away and clearing the decks, and all the while our minds are spinning with project ideas. This is a great time of year for Spring sewing. My girls are planning out the clothing that they want to create for themselves. Today we spent some time sorting things in the sewing room and reorganizing our work space….. along with getting the mending finished and put away.

I’ve also been thinking about this link a friend shared with me on the question, “Can you be too well-dressed?” As a mom of young girls developing their individual style, I did find this piece interesting in a few ways.

On a different topic, I was recently asked to teach a class on the “bullion knot” at the upcoming meeting of the Lakes & Prairies Smockers. I am greatly looking forward to this, and will be pulling together a good, fun class. I am grateful that a few others have put together tutorials on this topic. Mary Corbet has a wonderful video that walks through stitching a beautiful bullion rose. Be sure to scroll down for the video link.

Two other sources of information are:

The Heritage Shoppe
Southern Stitches

Laurie Anderson at Southern Stitches said she is working on an eBook on the bullion rose and other smocking stitches. Watch her website for more details.

When my girls were all much smaller, I loved working this little bit of embroidery on top of English smocking. It’s also beautiful on a flat surface as well.

On the note of Spring, recently my friend, Patty, shared a few sweet dresses she created for a friend’s twin daughters. I thought you might enjoy seeing them.



Happy New Year to all.


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