Birthday Skirt

We celebrated Rachel’s 9th birthday this weekend with a sleepover with a few of her young friends.   We had homemade pizza and a beautiful cake decorated with pink flowers.  It was a cold day yesterday, but a good one for playing outside in the fall leaves.  It was a fun time with friends.


Lately, my older girls have been experimenting with the effects of the “bias” in the cut of their skirts.  Their favorite skirt has become the circular skirt, complete with zipper and waist band.  Madeline and Lydia decided to create a navy circular skirt for Rachel as a birthday gift.


When Emma saw Rachel’s skirt, she wondered if they would make one for her too.  Since Emma was the child that stayed for a longer period of time than the others this morning, it seemed reasonable to create a skirt for her before her brother came by to pick her up.  There was a flurry of fun-filled activity in my sewing room.


Sometimes a picture doesn’t speak enough words to do justice to an object.  The movement of the circular skirt is so adorable on sweet, young girls.  They love its “flow-y-ness”.  In their minds, the best part is the twirl.


‘Til they all fall down.


Life is so fun.


2 thoughts on “Birthday Skirt

  1. That I did. Though it was really my older girls, Hannah and Lydia and Maddy who had the fun of making Emma’s new skirt. They ended up making a second, which as I understand, Emma did most of the sewing. Hannah said Emma really, really liked sewing. I mostly just cleaned up the sewing room when everything was done. It’s all good!

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