Alpaca Headband

My daughter, Lydia, is winning the award here lately for the greatest production of birthday goods.  She made this headband with soft Alpaca yarn and also made the coordinating flowers to go with.


It’s on its way to a sweet friend, who does spend a bit of her time outside caring for her Mohair-producing goats.  We hope she loves it.  I love the fact that my girls love to knit, and even more that they do so with their own initiative.

The weather has changed to Cold here in Minnesota.  I stepped outside this morning onto crunchy frost on our deck.  I love this cold weather, along with the colorful leaves on the Maple trees, and I love layering in sweaters.  It’s been a good couple of weeks for knitting here.  My girls are each working on their own sweaters, and I’m working to finish Sam’s Aran jumper.  Just one more sleeve to go and a neckband.  My oldest daughter had (the nerve) some fun in betting that she would finish hers before I finish Sam’s.  It looks like she’ll be right as she is cruising down her second sleeve.

We also celebrated Rachel’s 9th birthday this week.  She is my dress-up girl.



2 thoughts on “Alpaca Headband

  1. Thank you, Alison. Glad your computer difficulties have been worked out. Hope all is well in London. Lydia received a note from her friend that the headband was received and it would be taken off again in a very long while. That’s what makes creating things worth the time and effort.

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