“I like your hat.”


My daughter, Rachel, pleaded with me yesterday, “Can we go to the Mantorville Square antique store.”  She had some money she earned this summer, and she was remembering the pretty hats that she saw there earlier this year.


Any time I can, I encourage my kids to think through their purchases and buy something of good quality that will last.  It’s a lesson I am still learning as well.  This was a good opportunity for that kind of discussion.  There were lots of pretty hats for Rachel to look through and decide upon.  She could have chosen several light colored hats with tulle and beads and flowers and things, but we thought this was the sweetest one.  Rachel’s hat is labeled “Millbrae Exclusive,” and it cost her $18 of her hard-earned money from lemonade stands, weeding and other odd summer jobs.

We have a friend in Waseca who showed Rachel her hat collection last winter.  In fact, her collection was used as a lovely decoration during a Christmas candlelight dinner.  Rachel loved seeing all of the pretty hats that ladies used to wear.

Her sweet hat reminds me of a children’s book that we enjoyed over and over when she was much younger, “Go Dog Go,” by P.D. Eastman.  “Do you like my hat?”  “I do not like your hat.”  “Good bye.”  Fast forward, ” Do you like my hat?”  “I Do like your hat.”


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