Smocking Post

This morning I enjoyed reading a post by Jeannie B.

I am glad to be a part of the Smocking Arts Guild.  I liked what Jeannie said about “man has been decorating the textiles of his life forever.”  And, guilds are as old as man; groups of people who share a common interest.

I think of smocking as a sweet pleasure in the fast-paced life as a mom.  This week I spent a little time cutting a dress front and pleating it.  This one, I hope, will be very special.  My girls will participate in a hand bell choir this fall, and the kids involved wear only black clothing.  I will be smocking black silk stitches on black…  The older girls are working out their own designs without smocking.  They are growing up fast.  I am looking forward to receiving the Madeira silk floss purchased from Delicate Stitches.

Last week, Hannah, Lydia and I visited Ginny at Ginny’s Fine Fabric in Rochester, Minnesota.  We had a wonderful time, and it is a great pleasure to work with Ginny.  It’s best to make an appointment with her and give her an idea of your project before your visit.  She will direct you well.

My daughters each found a pretty fabric, other than the black silk, so that they will each create two dresses.  The first one will be the final test of their pattern.  The second will be the special silk dress.  Hannah found an Italian cotton with a pretty floral print, and Lydia chose a pretty batik print, each according to their individual taste.

These are the special things in life.


2 thoughts on “Smocking Post

  1. Yes, thank you. Oh, I wish my girls could have your experience. I’m sure you learned well from your grandmother. My mom sewed for me until I reached about the Fifth grade and the peer pressure was too great. My grandmother knitted and crocheted, but didn’t sew. My mom cherished a set of sewing books that she found at a garage sale. One was written by Mini Rhea who evidently was Jacqueline Kennedy’s seamstress. She passed those books to me, and I found a lot of encouragement that women used to have the skills to create their own wardrobes. It’s that spark that has us giving it a good try. My girls encourage me a lot!

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