Independence Day Lemonade Stand

It’s a warm day in Minnesota.  Like most Americans, we’re enjoying a day with dad home, mowing the lawn, and simply enjoying the sunshine and warmth.  My kids decided to host a “lemonade and cookie stand” today.  They have become enthusiastic entrepreneurs, cheerfully serving their customers.


Even better yet, their customers are enthusiastically supporting their endeavor.  And, Sam is the friendly cowboy on duty.

0704131346 Their best seller is the fresh-from-the-oven ginger-spice cookies.  One customer returned to ask for the recipe.

0704131344It’s been a great first entrepreneurial experience.  They’ve been touched by customers who give them twice their requested price.  They’ve decided that their profits will go to the American Cancer Society Relay for Life fundraiser on August 2.


3 thoughts on “Independence Day Lemonade Stand

  1. Absolutely adorable! The perfect all-American July 4th picture. Sam looks like he is guarding the cash box. I wouldn’t mess with him!

  2. Big smiles from Sam on your comment, Janice. Yes, we “mess” with him everyday with the goal of his becoming a defender of the weaker vessels, and that before he reaches 5 1/2 feet tall. Praise God for his Dad!

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