More on Madeira Applique

Something I love about attending “smocking club” is the opportunity to see what others have created (or have made progress on) during the previous month.  This time, of course, if you have read my previous posts, the pressure was on to have our homework assignment at least attempted so that we’ll be ready for a visit from Wendy Schoen next month.  It was an opportunity to see whether our attempts at the Point de Paris stitch were right on, or right off; a reality when learning a new skill.

I learned a few things; gems of things!  Maria Cremer said what I know about Couture sewing; hand basting is always better.  She shared that when working the Point de Paris stitch, she first hand basted the applique (blue fabric) to the base (white fabric) very close to the edge, almost right on top of the edge, but not quite.  She placed three basting threads:  one on the edge, one in the middle and one at the seamed edge.  The idea being that the applique fabric should not move its position while the Point de Paris stitch is applied.


So, after the weekend activities were finished, I went home and re-basted my applique by hand.  It clearly makes a difference.

I was encouraged to know this is also Maria’s first attempt at this technique.  As she continued along the hem, her stitches improved as well.  Maria recommends The Art of Madeira Embroidery by Lillie McAnge, as a good resource for this technique.

Another part of the fun was that several of our members were just a little distracted with other projects related to “Easter”.  A second reality……Easter is just a few weeks away, and no homework assignment will stand in the way of creating a special Easter dress for a grandchild.  One member, however, did complete the entire homework assignment during the month, beautifully.


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