Ben’s Little Hat

I captured this picture today of Ben, who has taken to the idea of wearing his little Aran-style hat, at least when he is outside!  I love the look of Irish moss stitch between cables.


Ben loves to be outside, just like his older brother.  We’re enjoying the last few weeks of snow in Minnesota.  The weather is, in my opinion, starting to seem like Spring must be near.

It’s been a very busy few weeks; far too busy (and I have been too exhausted) for any kind of needlework… so it makes me smile to see Ben wear his little hat.  I suppose that is something I enjoy most about needlework projects.  They are not quickly eaten or used/messed up.  If you’re a mom, you understand what I mean.  I look forward to making time for a new project once things are in place.

We’ve moved to a new-to-us home located in Mantorville, Minnesota, which is 14 miles west of Rochester. Our move went well, despite a predicted snow storm of six or so inches, that did blanket the ground last Thursday night.  On Friday, we shoveled snow from the driveway in Waseca and then in Mantorville in order to make a final walk through at the house and then complete the purchase in Rochester.  We were grateful for beautiful and relatively warm weather on Friday and Saturday with sunshine and a dry sky.  Several friends helped load the “heavy” items, i.e. furniture and anything else we could fit into the large rented U-Haul truck.  The roads were amazingly clear (thank you MDOT drivers).  We have plenty more to do, but we are settling into a home that we love in a neighborhood that is very welcoming.

In the above picture, Ben knocks at our new back door.


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