Happy Valentine’s Day

Maybe it’s the warmer weather, and the fact that we’ve been mostly inside this winter, focusing on academics and other very serious things——so, this week I’m enjoying a few reminders that my kids in their teens are still really just kids.  This is their creation during some of their free moments.


I also looked outside yesterday to see my second daughter’s bright blue jacket half way up the pine tree in our back yard…

As we pack up our home, preparing for our move next week, lots and lots of memories come flooding into my mind.   I came across this picture of Rachel trying on a sweater I made for myself last year or so.  As you can see, it was summer time, and she has her healthy I-play-outside-a-lot-glow; shorts and all.  This picture displays her enthusiasm for a finished project like none other.


This was my first attempt at a cabled sweater.  It’s from the book, “Fitted Knits” by Stephanie Japel.  I wore it last weekend with my grey Pendleton wool slacks and my Haflinger shoes.  It’s probably not considered high fashion, but the ideal wardrobe of a mom in Minnesota.  Warm.  It’s made from an alpaca yarn, and it represents lots and lots of time spent with my family.

This sweater brings back the memory of the yarn store proprietor, Diane.  I stopped into her store and asked if she would show me how to do a cable, being mostly self-taught in knitting (other than my grandmother and mother’s lessons from my young childhood).  She exclaimed, “Everyone asks if they can take a class on cables.  It’s too easy.  I’ll just show you.”  And off I went.

Something else I enjoyed today is the post from Lizzie at The Vintage Traveler.  I’m so very thankful for my husband of 16 years who is the one who paddles our vintage Old Towne Canoe that fits eight.

Have a nice Valentine’s Day.


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