The Angora Harry Bear

It was Lydia’s 13th birthday on Thursday.  She had a birthday celebration day, complete with two friends staying over, ice skating, a gathering with more friends for a “knit in”.  It was a perfect way to celebrate.   What’s more, she is now, along with her sisters, and thanks in part to her grandpa, the owner of a Kromski Minstrel spinning wheel.

In fact, her father and two of her sisters are on their way to Charlie’s Hardware, as I type, for the supplies needed to put their own finish upon their new wheel.  The new adventures unfold.

Back to the point of my post.  Lydia was given a beautiful skein of hand-spun and hand-dyed mohair yarn by her friend Sarah, of the Red Falcon Ranch.

She immediately started work on her hand-knitted mohair bear.


She used a pattern called “Harry Bear,” which she found on

This yarn is a “Minnesota Grown” product, by Margaret Steffens of Waseca, Minnesota.  You can reach her at or 507-835-7766.  It comes from the Angora goats that are gently raised by Margaret.


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