Deo Cantamus, January 26, 2013

Last weekend my daughters, Hannah, Lydia and Madeline, participated in the performance of the honor choir, Let the Children Praise

Each year in the fall, they audition for a place in the choir.  Once notified of their position, they receive a package in the mail that includes sheet music and a CD with recordings of the songs.  They are instructed to practice and memorize the music pieces prior to two or three regional practice sessions with Mr. Al Hawkins and his wife, Kay (the pianist).  One week prior to the performance, the choir comes together to prepare, and finally, the weekend of the event, the leaders and the children hold a day-long event to finalize their performance (with fun activities, like dodge ball in the gym, in between practice sessions).  At 4 p.m., the choir is ready; friends and family fill the seats and become the audience to hear:

“Come with Hearts and Voices Sounding,” by J.S. Bach

“Bashana Haba’ah,” (sung in Hebrew) by Nurit Hirsch

“Wir eilen mit schwachen, doch emsigen Schritten,” (sung in German) by J.S. Bach

“Spring Song,” by Craig Courtney

“Psalm 148,” by James Anderson

“Cantate Domino,” (sung in Latin) by Nancy Hill Cobb

“Children of the Heavenly Father,” a Swedish Folk Melody, arranged by Dan Forrest

The kids are required to wear a formal-type black skirt, and t-shirts with the choir logo are provided the day of the event.  I normally focus on writing about things related to the needle arts, pardon my digression.  My role (as mom) is the resident seamstress, behind the scenes.  Last year I had a great time creating two woolen skirts.  This year I only had to check the fit and secure a button.

I thought you might enjoy the YouTube posts of the Deo Cantamus, Let the Children Praise, choir.


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