Welcome Vivian Rose

We want to say a very warm welcome to Vivian Rose, born on Monday in Florida. We have watched for months as Janice Ferguson has sewn and shared the many beautifully smocked and embroidered day gowns for her expected granddaughter. We are so very excited for her family.

We thought anyone who happens upon our blog ought to have the pleasure of enjoying the pictures and Janice’s writing about the happenings there.

May I suggest “bookmarking” or “following” this blog in the coming months? Just a hunch that there will be many more beautiful things to see.

Sending our prayers and best wishes to Vivian and her mom for a strong beginning to her life and good health.


One thought on “Welcome Vivian Rose

  1. From Janice Ferguson: “Thank you, Connie, for your words of welcome and prayers for health and happiness. You are so kind and thoughtful to post this. Here at Baby Central, all is well with Mama and Baby, This Nana is in her glory rocking Vivian Rose, playing with 3 year old Alastair, and watching my precious daughter and son in law be fabulous patient loving parents. Life is good. Again, thank you for the prayers.”

    (I’m still having difficulty in finding why Janice cannot add a comment here… Any tips from computer gurus are welcomed!)

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