Brown Alpaca Sweaters

First off, I want to say Happy New Year… my best wishes to you for a good and joyful year.

We took a little time away to travel to Illinois, Indiana and Michigan to visit extended family. We had beautiful weather, and we are enjoying the winter in Minnesota. We have beautiful Snow, and cold temperatures, but lots of Sunshine.


This summer I posted on Linen when I made a shirt for my husband. My husband was clearly appreciative of the “air circulation” properties of the linen shirt I made for him as we took a bike ride on the last 90-degree day of the summer. Now, it’s time to talk about Wool. Just as linen keeps you cool in the summer heat in a way that polyester cannot; wool keeps you warm in the cold weather in a way that acrylic does not. For more on the benefits of wool, take a look at this website: The Campaign for Wool


It became quite clear, as the weather changed in Minnesota, that my young son, Ben, does not appreciate “the Michelin Man” look. I was also on a mission to use up leftover yarn in my stash. I decided to make him an alpaca vest, figuring this would allow him to keep warm while wearing it under a reasonably-fitting coat.


Of course, starting a project with leftover yarn sometimes means buying more yarn. So, to make it worth our while, Lydia jumped on and decided to make a sweater for herself that would coordinate with her brother’s. What could be more fun than sister and brother matching sweaters?



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