December Piano Recital

It was a “big” weekend for my girls. Their December piano recital was held yesterday afternoon in Waseca. I am always excited about their piano recitals. My girls work very hard throughout the year on their pieces, and it is their day to shine. In the background, I had the special privilege of making a skirt for my daughter, Hannah.


I purchased the fabric from Ginny’s Fine Fabric in Rochester, Minnesota. Earlier this year, I called Ginny to find out what my options were for a good quality wool fabric. Ginny sent a letter that included three or four samples of wool that she carries in her store. I was able to call her with my yardage requirements, and she mailed this fabric to my home. It is the one fabric that Hannah really, really liked. Ginny said it is an Italian wool made at the Zegna Mill in Italy.

I had plans to create a pattern using the Rundschau Drafting System for Skirts that I read about on the Cutter and Tailor Forum. I intended to try this method of patternmaking. However, Hannah already knew what she wanted. She had made herself a few skirts using a “favorite skirt” as her pattern; one originally made by my friend Adrea. It is a full a-line, possibly considered a circular style. It is very feminine and becoming.

I tested our pattern by first making a skirt out of Fabric Finders’ periwinkle corduroy, which also came together very well (I’ll post on that later). Then, I worked with the fine wool. It was a very, very nice piece of fabric work with!!! Ginny would tell you, “quality is like that.”

With 14 years of sewing for my daughters as a passionate hobby, I still found myself questioning whether my skills rate this level of fabric quality. Ginny was very helpful in answering any questions that came up for me as I worked on this skirt. I have also enjoyed reading the Cutter and Tailor Forum. There is a wealth of resources posted there. I particularly enjoy the section entitled, “Women’s Cutter and Tailor.” Through this forum I am gaining a great amount of respect for the bespoke tailor.

When Hannah was much smaller, I greatly enjoyed learning how to create a special dress just for her with English smocking. Now she is growing into more mature style, and I look forward to advancing my skill to grow with her. Maybe one day I’ll become a tailor’s apprentice.

More recital pictures…






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