Christmas Smocked Top

I had the pleasure of attending the Celebrate the Gift dinner with my four girls on Saturday evening.  All thanks to my husband who also enjoyed a “little boys” night in.  The church was decorated in a rustic Christmas theme this year. Lovely quilts decorated the halls, Christmas lights filled the auditorium with many tables beautifully decorated by women of the church, a large sleigh in the hallway carried more quilts and Christmas fare. I listened to my handbell ringers (and their friends) before the event began. It was delightful, and I felt like royalty being served such a lovely dinner.

december 8 2012 003

Rachel wore a smocked top that I actually made about two years ago.  The fit was just off; it was too big.  At any rate, I enjoyed making it, trying out the idea of machine smocking, using Martha Pullen’s “Smocking in the Hoop.”

In one afternoon, I had the front piece pleated and smocked.  I was quite amazed at how well the sewing machine needle hit the pleats and established the design without any problem.  The pleated piece is fused to wash-away stabilizer and the pleating threads are removed prior to stitching the design.  Everything stays in place thanks to Sulky KK 2000 Temporary Spray Adhesive. 

I hand-smocked the area on either side of the design by hand, which added a nice texture.  The sleeves were also hand smocked with the same embroidery thread as the front piece.  The gingerbread character was a separate embroidery design, possibly by Pfaff…  I cannot recall… and simply attached on top of the geometric design.

It’s a little bit of grace that the top worked for Rachel this year.  Good that children do grow.


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