Celebrate the Gift

This evening my girls played the handbells before a special dinner, “Celebrate the Gift,” at Christ Community Church in Waseca, Minnesota. Earlier this week they reminded me that they need to wear clothing in red, black or white for each of their performances, each evening tonight through Monday.

Christmas 2012 2

Earlier I posted on corduroy, but I didn’t tell the entire story. We’ve had a lot of fun this week creating red corduroy skirts, getting everything ready for their important commitment. I am thankful for their devotion to music and using their talents.

Along with a fresh new blanket of white snow in Minnesota, Janice Ferguson helped us get into the Christmas Spirit with seeing her post today, including her granddaughter Laurel’s beautiful Christmas dress, and watching a fun and then a more serious video. I invite you to enjoy her post too.

May your Christmas season be Merry and filled with Joy.

(My girls are pictured here with their friend, Abbe. L to R, Maddy, Hannah, Rachel, Lydia and Abbe.)


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