Hardanger Baptismal Gown

This precious baptismal gown was made by Patty in Golden Valley, Minnesota. The gown features Hardanger embroidery on the bodice, skirt inset and hem.


Patty said, “There were instructions for the Hardanger embroidery, but just a photo of a completed gown, so I had to work through a number of patterns to find one I could alter to fit the pieces of embroidery. A bit scary after months and months of embroidering it all.”


“I think the embroidery was done on Lugana linen (not Hardanger linen), if I remember right. I made my own piping for sleeves and neckline out of the gown’s sateen cotton, and thought the straight sleeve, rather than a puffed sleeve, would be more generic for a boy or girl.”

“I worked on the baptismal gown Hardanger embroidery in 2005-2006 and remember so well “listening” to the winter Olympics while stitching! At that point, only dreaming about an imaginary grandchild. My first grandson, Eric, was baptized into Christ in this little gown on September 7, 2010, when he was 3 days old.”


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