Grandma’s Hat and Mittens

This weekend we took a road trip to Macomb, Illinois, to visit my husband’s Grandma Dixon. She turned 93 on the 9th.

My daughters decided (last Wednesday) that they were going to make her a birthday present: a wool hat and mittens with Norwegian style (above).

They knitted and knitted, sometimes choosing to work on their project rather than SWIM in the hotel pool!

Just like any good cook has some mishaps, any good knitter sometimes has to rip back. They worked very hard, and I was happy for them that they were able to present their gift to their Great Grandmother on Sunday at noon.

Lydia and Hannah each knitted one mitten from the book, Norwegian Mittens and Gloves, by Annemore Sundbo. Madeline knitted the red hat to match. This delightful book was a Christmas present given to me last year by my family, a little treasure they found at a Swedish store in St. Peter, Minnesota. Sundbo was a weaving instructor who became the owner of a “shoddy” mill that had almost 1,000 different mittens. According to Sundbo, “shoddy” is an English word for rags, and sjoddi was the Norwegian industry term for recycled wool. Sundbo quickly realized the treasure before her, and documented the many patterns and their history. If you enjoy knitting and/or a little bit of its history…you’ll love it.

We had a wonderful weekend, with a nearly 70-degree day on Saturday. We returned Sunday night and woke up this morning to the beauty of SNOW!


2 thoughts on “Grandma’s Hat and Mittens

  1. Thank you…. This was their first try at two-color knitting (to my knowledge). Last year they knitted red mittens with a cable pattern on the hand, so they had that experience behind them. This was Madeline’s first hat. Rachel will come behind….she started a scarf, but just didn’t have quite enough time. She decided to finish it before Christmas….

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