Mohair Knitted Cowl

A while back I promised to share a picture of the cowl that Lydia knitted using yarn from the Red Falcon Ranch.

Angela Abraham, of the Red Falcon Ranch, writes: “The yarn was hand spun by Margaret Steffens. She used our natural colored mohair that had been over dyed with other colors. It sure turned out beautiful, Lydia!”

Lydia was given the option of picking the color of the yarn (for her birthday present). She loved the variegated yarn with all of the colors.

We consulted with Mary Lou’s Yarn shop on what project would be appropriate for such a beautiful yarn, and found the right large-size needles too. Mohair is not an inexpensive yarn and is often used for cuffs or collars on a sweater, or a simple cowl as an accent. Lydia liked the idea of knitting a trendy cowl. She greatly enjoyed working with this yarn.

Our many thanks go to the Abraham family for sharing this beautiful yarn with us.


2 thoughts on “Mohair Knitted Cowl

  1. Thank you, Janice. It is fun to share an interest like this. The girls have a lot of fun sharing ideas and helping each other with their projects. I enjoy watching them interact and learn. It will be a special memory.

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