My youngest son, Ben, turned One recently. He’s really on the “go” now, crawling, walking; everything is brand-new. It is precious to watch his new abilities every day.

During this season, I really enjoy knitting and smocking in the “down time.” This is a little hat and bootie set I made late this summer from an Italian Kimono Angora yarn by Louisa Harding Yarns for a friend’s new baby girl.

The pattern was from the book, Natural Nursery Knits.

Now I’m preparing the “canvas” for my next Smocking project. This is my pleated piece of Swiss silky blue shirting.

The first step is to “back smock”, which means I work a “cable” stitch in a mirror image across the back of each row.

The cable stitches serve to hold the pleated fabric in place without being seen on the front (which is why you see all of my knots in the above picture). These cable stitches stack the pleats and keep them straight during the “painting” process of picture smocking.

You can see I am only about half way through the back smocking. The pleats at the top are held straight while those on the bottom portion are hanging loose. Once all the back smocking is done, I will “paint” a picture with DMC embroidery thread.


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