Pure Pleasure

We have had a very beautiful fall in Minnesota. The past few weeks have been sunny and in the 70s to 80s. There are some things in this life that are pure pleasure. My daughters had one of those opportunities last weekend. Our friends from the Red Falcon Ranch invited my oldest three to visit. What could be more enjoyable than this?

The Abrahams raise Angora goats. They harvest the beautiful mohair and sell it by the fleece. The Abraham family has been learning to hand-dye the fleece and to spin it into beautiful yarn. Knowing how much she loves to knit and that she has an interest in learning to spin, they recently gave my oldest daughter, Hannah, a delightful birthday gift: a spindle and a package of carded mohair. Thanks to Google, my two oldest daughters did their own research and have taught themselves to spin mohair into yarn. In a future post, I will share a picture of the hand-dyed mohair cowl that Lydia knitted with mohair also from the Red Falcon Ranch.

Another pleasure here is the coming of Periwinkle 21 (feather) wale corduroy to our shop.

One customer described it as “Yummy”, and said it reminded her of being in school with a new box of Crayons, seeing the Periwinkle Crayon.

The ideas are flowing. We can see it combined with a sweet coordinating print to create the Children’s Corner Casey jacket.

Or a sweet smocked top. Sometimes it’s the small pleasures that are the best.


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