Sewing with Maddie

Some time ago Maddie let me know she was in need of shorts. We were packing for a trip to Arkansas to see her grandfather’s new residence, and we knew that though it was in the teens at the time in Minnesota it would be closer to 75 or so in Arkansas.

I believe we went shopping and obviously had no success finding shorts in March in Minnesota. I remember Maddie was a little reluctant on the idea of making her own pair. It was an unknown what they would look like, and whether she’d like them. She also wasn’t sure that sewing was “her thing”.

Eventually Maddie got into it. We pulled out the Kwik Sew Sewing for Children pattern book basic shorts pattern.

We worked together on each step; taking her measurements, finding the pattern, tracing the pieces and so on.

She went to the Pfaff 4D embroidery software and had a great time deciding on an embroidery design. After the machine embroidery was stitched, the pieces were cut. Maddie did all of the sewing herself.

The fabric is Fabric Finders’ Indigo Denim. It is a comfortable lightweight all-cotton denim. It’s nearly two years later, and they are still her favorite pair. They’ve seen a lot of good days of roller blading, tennis and kick ball.


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