Heirloom Pascale

This morning I took our *very* routine walk with my three youngest children (we have put many, many miles on the stroller this year!). We took in the lovely beauty forming here as the leaves on the trees change to the colors of red and yellow. Many are changing only at the tops so far; others are starting to shed their leaves entirely. It is one of my favorite times of the year.

Lately, I realize I am in a Great Season with my Kiddos! My daughters have had an interest in the needle arts since they were very little. I enjoyed many “nap times” (they nap while I sew) working on dresses and other things for them. I have been very fortunate to be the mom of children who absolutely love anything I sew for them. But, now as they get older, their abilities are growing, and they are learning the art!

This summer Hannah made a “dreamy” dress for her younger sister, Rachel.

Hannah wanted to include lace on the bodice and sleeves, and to also include English Smocking. This is Hannah’s first dress that includes the skill of “lace joining”.

The pattern is “Pascale” from Sew Beautiful magazine. When she saw the “Heirloom Pascale” variation in Issue 141, she knew that was it! She chose Fabric Finders’ Aqua Heirloom Batiste, and the lace is French Val lace purchased from Capitol Imports. She completed french seams and included a wide, hand-stitched hem.

We are members of the Lakes & Prairies Smockers, a chapter of the Smocking Arts Guild of America. This is a wonderful organization whose mission is to encourage and continue the needle arts, whether it be smocking, heirloom sewing, embroidery and so on. We are thankful for the instruction and encouragement we have received from members of this organization. We especially appreciate the critique that Sandra Gandara, a licensed Martha Pullen teacher, gave to Hannah following the July meeting.

I am glad for Hannah to develop this talent and enjoy this art. This is something that I get excited about!


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